History of Schultz’s Crab House

Mildred & William Schultz, better known as Mom & Pop, came to Baltimore on November 6, 1936, from Buffalo, New York, where Pop had worked for General Motors for twenty-six years. In 1948, he bought his first tavern known as Mike’s Place, located on the Gunpowder River. He stayed there two years.


In 1950, he purchased a liquor license from Joseph Punti, who owned a tavern, known as the Raynbo Inn. The building, which housed the Raynbo Inn , was located across the street from Schultz’s present location. That building eventually burned in 1985. Pop opened for business as “Schultz’s Cafe” in 1950, in a rented space which is now our present large dinning room.


In 1952, he purchased the entire building, which at the time, was three separate storefronts: the bar, a spaghetti carry-out, and an appliance store. He then removed the walls, moved the bar from the dinning room area to its present location, and renamed the business to “Schultz’s Lounge” It was operated as a barroom only until 1969.


On June 19, 1969, Karen & Bob McKinney bought the liquor license from Pop Schultz, and opened as “Schultz’s Crabhouse”. The name Schultz’s was retained due to the lack of funds to purchase a new sign. In 1979, Karen & Bob bought the building from Pop, and due to continued loyal customer support, was able to celebrate a mortgage burning party in the fall of 1987.

You read that right! One bushel of crabs for $18!

Schultz’s Crab House is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing good food at reasonable prices. “A family tradition since 1969”.